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The music features some songs from the "A Whole New World," "Friend like Me" , but the rest of the background music is bland and forgettable.

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The controls for this one is just the mouse, click on a melon to collect it, if you miss one its game over! This is a Mario adventure with a difference, Mario has become a stick man! So they got in a big fight! This you play as that ugly King among Koopas to see how many times you can shoot Mario with Bullet Bills! There are five main plot lines for each girl with multiple endings.

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Manufacturer: Capcom; It may not have the Digicel process, but the graphics in the SNES version aren't too shabby.

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You Ain't Never Had A Game Like Me! Author: Mario Sibrian File size: 725kb Download: Games by Mario-90 Bowser's Dodging Game In this game the level automatically scrolls along for you, all you have to do it crouch or jump, to avoid the blocks, you get five lives and the longer you live for the more points you get! 71mb Download: Kink Link Trouble You play as Bowser, move the hand round with the mouse, and press the spacebar to drop kinklinks, stop all the Smithy clones from escaping from Bowsers keep.

The 10 Best Dating Simulation Games of All Time

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Please don't destroy the real ones! I have yet to play the sequels to this game, but for this first entry, the game is very heartwarming.

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First appeared in Super Mario RPG, These Little guys were weak and could be known easily by there attacks.

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Author: Mariofan9 File size: 4.