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Inside the wine cellar, Pisco is about to kill Haibara but Conan rescues her after tricking Pisco into accidentally causing a fire.

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Bus Hijacking Case Manga: , Anime: [ ] Haibara in pinch.

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At the end, they are able to return the strap but it was partially destroyed.

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However, whenever Conan is reckless in regards to keeping his identity from Ran, Haibara is the one who plans ahead in order to keep him from being revealed.

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Appellations [ ] Although most people will call Haibara by her name suffixed with -san due to her personality , and some with -chan due to her agreement , a lot of the characters have different ways of calling her due to their different relationships.

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So far, her sense only detects Black Organization members and not people with malevolent intent generally, however, it doesn't always trigger when Black Organization members are present.

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In some episodes she even shows more confidence in Mitsuhiko than in Ayumi or Genta when the going gets tough.

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Aru ai no uta

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